Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Failure to launch: a hasty movie review of 'Life'

I usually trust the judgement of James Berardinelli of Reelviews.net. And so, when I saw he had given 3 stars to 'Life', I dragged myself to the cineplex in Kisementi in Kampala. Well, James I am going to let you off on this one. But only because you have consistently reliable in the past. Not on this one I am afraid. They say 'Passengers' was a critical bum but I found it a lot more appealing and watchable than 'life'. In terms of the plot, character development and the imagination of the setting. I was taken in by the all-star cast. But even that couldnt bring this movie to fly. The only bright spot was the character played by the British scientist who was a refreshing find for me. What I found annoying was the hapless actions of the film characters. Shooting themselves in the foot at every turn. It was exhausting. I could even afford a couple of shut-eye moments during the movie. There was no real solid lead in the movie. The plot and elimination of characters was hasty and not altogether intelligently done. This is a movie that promises so much but delivers so little.