Monday, May 29, 2017

I liked Woody Harrelson's 'Wilson'

I bought a copy of 'Wilson' from one of Kampala's movie DVD outlets. Then I checked movie reviews of the film. Normally, I check with 'Rottentomatoes' first if I am in doubt. Well the verdicts were clear. 'Wilson' was not supposed to be worth my time. Well, I liked 'Wilson'. Not its entirety (I loathed the part where the Woody Harrelson character desperately begged the father of his biological daughter the chance to be a part of her life)I actually reached for remote to pass up this pathetic scene. Clearly, 'Wilson' doesnt follow the traditional holly wood template of happy endings and political correctness. This time around, this was refreshing. 'Wilson' seemed to me like a European film in that sense. I found the writing smart. Lots of wit and really terrific lines. Not altogether in good taste but I found the film's frankness refreshing. And Woody Harrelson is one reason I was drawn to this film in the first place. Laura Dern was another.'Wilson' is biting social commentary on the superficiality of American human relations. I found its take on the emergent multiple themes; happiness, adulthood, relationships,aging, loss, parenthood...thoughtful. I agree that there were some implausible bits of the plot or the story in general. Yes, I too wondered what the Woody Harrelson character did for a living as they seemed untroubled with paying bills and some how muddled through without worry of paying rent and gas. Dont believe the negative reviews. Go see this film if you want a refreshingly 'un' hollywood film. One for grown ups. A film that doesn't take itself seriously and takes a light hearted dig on life.