Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Four years from now dont tell me I didnt tell you what I am telling you now. Obama will win a second term as President of the United States. His political genuis has already shown even before he swears in. His cabinet picks and economic stimulus plans give a glimpse of what a tactician he is.

Some have called it the 'cabinet of rivals' and yes, only a deft politician would have gambled to have on the team as a bitter a rival as Hilary Clinton . Obama has said he was inspired to include his rivals after inspiration from Abraham Lincoln who claims copyright to the idea of a 'cabinet of rivals. His inclusion of Robert Gates,a republican defense secretary hold-over from Bush says good things about him. Gates is credited with turning around the pentagon after the divisive reign of Don Rumsefeld and helping turn the tide in Iraq. What one would read from this is that he is willing to make compromises and of course to address the commonly held notion that republicans are prefered when it comes to the security and defence docket. At least dubya didnt get it all wrong. Most of the rest of the team are experienced clinton-era hands such as attorney general appointee Holder and Susan Rice,ambassdor to the United Nations.

You get the sense that he will govern from the middle and if he continues on that path a second term will be within grasp.

Obama enters office with enormous public will and immense political capital. He needs to make good of his election promises. He has already indicated he will close the infamous Guantanamo bay prison. He has reitariated his plan to withdraw US troops from Iraq with a new escape clause' in consultation with the commanders'. Many will see this as backtracking and Obama will need to go through with plans to withdraw troops before the end of his first term.
It already feels like he is president even when W. still reigns at 1600. One president at a time he counsels but americans cant wait.
I am telling you, that skinny kid with a funny name will get a second term.

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