Monday, May 25, 2009

Adieu Tajudeen Abdul Raheem

From Facebook, the news began trickling in. Tajudeen , that behomoth of Pan Africanism and African thought was no more. Tragic road accident in Nairobi,Kenya is all the news we could get.
I knew about Tajudeen in 1994 as a secondary school student. He was the Secretary General of the Global Pan African Movement secretariat, then with offices in Muyenga,Kampala suburb.
At the time,current Trade Minister Kahinda Otafiire was the Chair. Tajudeen served for many years at the secretariat.
He has been a regular columnist in 'The Monitor' and a weekly column at Pambazuka an on-line Pan African content provider. He was also Deputy Director of the UN ,Milenium Development goals-Africa chapter. The news of his passing was utterly devastating and completely shocking - yet another case of an illustrious life cut hot in its prime. Tajudeen was indeed one of Africa's premier public intellectuals. He commented with distinction on African politics and on local Ugandan politics.
The world, especially Africa, is a poorer place because of his passing. We have lost a powerful voice that feared not to say and see it the African way with inspiring optimism of the promise that is Africa despite the tragedy that falsely seems insurmountable. Adieu Tajudeen. You live on in your works and in the movement you have spawned.

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