Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scaling down International AIDS Funding is Tragic.

The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) has released an April 2010 report that shows that internation funding for AIDS treatment has been scaled down or 'flat-lined' by the most important global funders who include the Global Fund and the PEPFAR(US President's'Emergency Fund for AIDS relief.
But national governments in Africa too are to blame for not meeting their own Health Spending targets set in Abuja in 2001 for funding health funding commitments of at least 15% of their annual budgets.
Dr John Mugyenyi of the JCRC(Joint Clinical Research Council) of Uganda has reported that many AIDS treatment providers across Africa are not enrolling any new patients on anti retroviral treatment programmes(despite the increase in demand for treatment). He also reports that rationing of ARVs is already in effect by some ART providers which compromises treatment and drug adherence and therefore raises fears of drug resistance. Millions of lives are at risk unless funding is matched with the incremental need for AIDS treatment.
Drug resistance is an even graver threat because it calls for second-line drugs that are much more costly and are not as readily available in developing countries, even commercially.
Cut backs in funding from international donors due to cited 'global credit crunch' and a lack of political will in African countries risks the lives of millions which may result in needless deaths.

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