Sunday, June 6, 2010

Larry King Live Makes 25 years

CNN is marking 25 incredible years of Larry King Live. Donald Trump turned the tables on Larry King in a commemorative interview on CNN fielding questions from a diverse audience of people he has interviewed over the years from Lionel Ritchie to Marlon Brando. Questions regarding his favourite interview, why he favours suspenders, his endurance on the show were all put to the 'King of talk television'. They showed a snippet of an interview he had with Marlon Brando a few days before he died.Marlon Brando had been out of the public eye for ages at the time and we see him give Larry a kiss,presumably for the unique rapport he strikes with his guest.
I first watched Larry in 1992 when CNN broadcasts were pionnered in Uganda. I became an instant fan even when when I was just a teenage secondary school kid.
Larry King is a gifted interviewer and there is no one like him on television. Even years of training would not produce a Larry King. He simply has got it. He is comfortable talking to a rocket scientist as he is talking to Snoop Doggy Dogg. His staying power is truly remarkable.

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