Sunday, April 24, 2011

The changing face of the Libyan conflict

Is the situation in Libya a civil war or is it a case of a desparate leader dropping bombs on unarmed protestors?
Is the west foray into Libya still guided by the United Nations security council resolution?
We now hear that Britain has sent in military advisers near Benghazi and that the US has 'unmanned'drones which have already launched attacks against Gadhaffis' forces?
For starters this is no defence against Muammar Gadhafi,the world more than know what his ills have been as Libyan leader.
Are the international actors in Libya changing goal posts in Libya?
At first we were told the military strikes were there to forestall Gaddhafi from advancing rapidly against rebels and thereby preventing a sure bloodbath.
Strategically, the aims of the initial mission was to secure a 'no fly zone' and to build a buffer for the Libyan's opposition stronghold of Benghazi. It was to kind of enforce a ceasefire through military means. But character of the west's onslaught in Libya is changing very rapidly we need to be afraid,indeed, very afraid.
Arent we breaching international law by sponsoring an armed internal rebellion against a sitting government by providing them with direct military support?
Arent we setting a precedent?
Are we still within the UN security council mandate?
Is it legitimate for external forces to support a partisan party in a civil war?
We all know that the country that we know as Libya is actually a hotch potch of ethnic sects and tribes and that this a major part of the current conflict in Libya. Gadhafi is detested partly because he is from a different ethic group from the peoples of Benghazi.
How much support does international law accept in a conflict as peculiar as the one in Libya?
Initially, the libyan sage could be seen in black and white. A dictator using excessive force against his own people including peaceful demonstrators. Are we still at this stage of the conflict?
Arent we getting into Vietnam territory here?
Where is the worlds's rage?

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