Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Obama's second term says about the new America

The American grand old party(GOP) needs a major overhaul of its political direction and demographic support base re-think in the wake of Obama's razor thin triumph  over Mitt Romney.

It has been suggested that Obama won because of he won among women, African Americans and Hispanics (and other minorities), younger Americans and the traditional democratic states.

The Republican Party model of a core of  white-christian- male support base is no longer enough to earn a win.

The United States has undergone a major population and demographic changes since Ronald Reagan.
Ideologically, most Americans are moving away from the extremes of conservatism or even liberalism to the centre or middle. Indeed the past presidencies of Bill Clinton and George W Bush were pandering towards a middle ground which is how terms like ‘compassionate conservatism’ came into play.
Americans seem to slip into two ideologies and the country is dangerously divided into two almost equal parts. The  winning parties will be those that govern from the middle and diversify away from their traditional base.

Many republicans and democrats are increasingly uncomfortable in their own parties indeed Americans seem to have outgrown the bi-party model of their fathers into a more European model of needing coalition governments given the grey areas in political affliations.

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