Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sentimental as I clutch the last print edition of 'Newsweek'.

I am feeling sentimental as I clutch my copy of the very last print edition of Newsweek magazine. Truly the end of an era.

As a child, my father brought copies of Newsweek  at home. It was the days of bold font. I recall images of Ronald Reagan and 1980's America on one of the covers.

Newsweek was always there every single week. Nothing would beat a serene Saturday afternoon at Serena hotel reading Newsweek with its cousin TIME magazine . They always made for  terrific company. Unrivaled in many ways.

I still keep land mark copies of these magazines going back in time. A testimony to the timeless writing and journalistic standards set by these American imports.

Even when I was worked up and needed to unwind, a fine edition of Newsweek would do it for me in a way several pints of bear would do it for an Irishman after a long day at the office.

For expert analysis of current affairs, global events and those land mark events such as the 9/11 attacks, the Fall of the Berlin wall, the 2008 global financial meltdown. Newsweek was there for us.

Well  Newsweek is  not actually dead,  as it transforms into a  new digital life on ipads. In Uganda where we still like it in hard copy, this almost an obituary. The vagaries of modern commerce and changing consumer tastes, e-everything couldnt spare our beloved Newsweek. The end of an era indeed.

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