Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why Uganda is in the throes of an NCDs epidemic: A bullet-point analysis

Uganda already has AIDS, malaria and Tuberculosis to worry about-infectious diseases Another tier of diseases (non communicable diseases) has been added on to the disease. EVOLUTIONARY PHYSIOLOGY AND NUTRITION REGIME CHANGES • Physiological inability of body to adapt from physically-active rural backgrounds to sedentary middle class lifestyles. • Recreational diets typically comprising roast pork and beef • Westernization and change in nutritional regimes (from low to high- cholesterol diets) INCOME AND LIFESTYLES • Urbanization (excessive sedentary use of motorized transport) • Occupation-associated inactivity; hours spent in meetings and air travel. • Epidemiological transition from infectious (e.g. AIDS) to non- communicable diseases( e.g. CVDs) DIAGNOSTIC FACTORS • Late detection, low diagnostic capacity and ignorance of family history risk factor GENDER, SOCIO-CULTURAL AND POLITICAL ECONOMY FACTORS • Males more affected by heart disease due to biology (& African race)and socio-cultural male privileges (disproportionate resource access). • African culture associates being overweight with affluence. (148 words)

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