Sunday, February 12, 2017

An alternative christian worship

I am visiting a small town in Michigan. I looked for a church to attend this sunday. The christian science church came calling. And I figured, its all about christ. Right? So, I took the courage to attend a totally new church in this snowy town in Michigan. It was different here. Refreshingly so. No loud pastor. No imposing choir. No sermon even. But it was worship alright. We recited more bible verses than I ever remember reciting in a single service in the catholic, protestant and Pentecostal churches I have attended. No church branding and events advertising. Very refreshing. And then beside scripture there were words of wisdom which they called 'christian science' and I thought these could only be inspired by the holy spirit. And I was spiritually fed. It is amazing how much we so trapped in our churches and forget that christ is everywhere and not only in that church you attend. He is everywhere from wherever you search for him. And this is the church he has chosen for me today and yes, He never makes mistakes.

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